How SpotSearch transformed Kent State University's enrollment process?

Despite a fair amount of traffic being directed towards the website, Kent State University's conversion rate summed up to zero. Additionally, the website had no defined search engine to fulfill the user's need for information.

This is how we tackled the problem: SpotSearch™️

SpotSearch is an Advanced AI-infused Contextual Search Engine that drives instant
results on-the-spot all the while staying within context. With SpotSearch integrated onto the university website, website visitors were able to get search results on the spot addressed within the context. We provided Kent State with an exclusive feature known as “KeySense” which provides users with search results based on the intent rather than just keywords. They were also provided with powerful AI suggestions that helped improve their conversion rate to new heights.

Users love SpotSearch & our search results are higher than they were before. It is definitely a game-changer for us & we are amazed by the kind of insights it provides.

- Information Technology Services, Kent State University

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