Our Story

It all started a while back, prior to iPhone 7’s and Galaxy 7’s, like-minded ardent techies with varied backgrounds were looking to revolutionize the world, joining hands to think of a panacea by building unique frameworks for emerging sectors whilst innovate “extraordinary” solutions, that can unify the ocean of siloed applications and processes within organizations through data-fueled cognitive computing.
The sprout of that seedling is OneOrigin with its current products and solutions.

AI powered Search Engine

SpotSearch's Inception

Back in 2018, as part of an effort by our research team, we sought to develop a search engine that is easy to use, eliminating multi-page irrelevant results, and an engine that can understand the user’s emotions and provide results around the context, on-the-spot. As a result of this, we launched SpotSearch™, powered by Sia, an AI-powered Contextual search engine, using which the users could search for a specific word or a phrase right on the spot, without leaving the website to hit other search engines. With technologies such as Key-Sense, Natural language processing, AutoML— SpotSearch delivers results within the context of the user’s intent. In recent years, SpotSearch™ capabilities have been extended to become a platform-independent, hassle-free, single click installation product.

With a mission to understand and serve each industry to its capacity, empowering our customers to utilize the best technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.

We aim to be a global leader in fostering technology-driven solutions towards solving critical business problems in each sector that we service through trust, innovation, responsibility, honesty, and competency. Focus and commitment towards customer success and employee satisfaction are the foundation of our mission.


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