Deep Learning Ready

Powered by Sia, SpotSearch can recognize the trends in the set of searched data to provide powerful analytics, personalized suggestions, and much more…

Premium Support

SpotSearch has a dedicated support team which provides a 30-minute response SLA with 99.99% availability

Protected Vault

Protect your data further with customizable IP restrictions and encryptions at rest


You have total control of all your data… and SpotSearch is fully compliant with SOC and getting ready for GDPR

Enterprise-Grade Security

It is wrapped in a Server-less Environment and equipped with SSL, Authentication, and Role-based Authorization. It is highly secured and keeps your environment protected from all kinds of intrusions

Enterprise Ready

With powerful features like Multi-Site Search, Role-Based Search, and more... SpotSearch undoubtedly becomes the most valuable tool.

Exceptional Enterprise Experience

Enhance your user experience with personalized data-driven engagements based on AI-powered suggestions and user-specific analytics.

With AI-Driven Dynamic Dashboard, SpotSearch provides customized content based suggestions based on the user search history.

With sophisticated features like Select and Search, Key sense, Multilingual search, Multi-site search, and many more, SpotSearch will increase your conversion rate by more than 80%.

Security for Enterprise

SOC2 Compliant

Information security and customer trust is a top priority at OneOrigin. We follow all SOC best practices to ensure excellence in each of the AICPA’s five trust service principles.

A-Rated Security

Highly secured with multiple layers of security. Our API servers support HTTPS and all current versions of TLS (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) with the most up to date cipher suites.

Isolated Clusters

For Enterprise plans, data is hosted on dedicated infrastructure physically separated from the data belonging to other customers with real-time visibility of cluster health

Multi-tenant architecture

Your information is secure and well separated within a tenant-architecture to ensure no maximum security.

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