On-the-Spot Search 

Do not let your visitors navigate away from your website by furnishing contextual results on the spot literally within seconds 

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Select and Search

With a First of its kind ‘Select and Search’ UI, delivering instant results on-the-spot and within context, just by highlighting a word or sentence.

Promote Content

Promote specific keywords and search results based on your marketing strategy, all through the dashboard.

Highly Secure

SpotSearch is secure by design, with progressive layers of security, delivering true defenses in depth.

AI-powered suggestions

SpotSearch enhances your website with powerful suggestions around actual user intent, keywords, content navigation, behavior, and much more...

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Introducing Key Sense Technology

Powered by Sia™, SpotSearch is smart to grasp the intention behind your search and deliver search results based on that intent rather than keywords.

OOTB Integrations

SpotSearch with out of the box integrations enhances in-site contextual search results. It integrates seamlessly with existing indexing systems such as Apache SOLR and ElasticSearch.

Dedicated Support

Enterprise Plan of SpotSearch includes 99.99% SLA, so you can focus on your core business and not maintaining your search engine uptime.

Plug & Play

Implemented through a simple snippet, directly from the admin interface with a single click. SpotSearch will be up and running in less than 2 minutes once it is installed.


SpotSearch furnishes contextual search results on the spot instantly in more than 40 global languages. SpotSearch added to your site is capable of transforming your website into a multilingual site.

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AI-powered Realtime Dashboards

In-Site | Document | External Search

SpotSearch indexes your website and documents to provide instant results and also delivers results from external sites whenever needed. 

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Directory Search

With SpotSearch, users can retrieve your staff contact information that is made publicly available on your site, on the spot! Users can take actions like call or email, right from the SpotSearch interface.

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Platform Agnostic

Out of the box, SpotSearch is readily available as a module or plugin for all the platforms out there.

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