End-to-End Transcription

vSearch synchronizes video content with speech-to-text conversion, transcripts the complete video, and displays relevant search results based on semantic analysis.

Plug and Play

Implemented through a simple snippet directly from the admin interface with a single click. vSearch will be up and running in less than 2 minutes once it is installed.

User-Friendly Interface

vSearch's simple interface allows the user to search through a huge video database and provide instant results on the spot with its AI-powered video search engine.

Automated Speech Recognition

vSearch uses AI-powered NLP and object recognition algorithms to transcribe the audio output of pre-recorded videos from the university database. Thus, when a particular search is made, the video search engine goes through every transcript of videos in the library & looks for the intended keyword to present the required video with the exact timestamp of the topic or the query asked, instantly.

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Speech & Text Transcription

On-the-Spot Search

vSearch is a revolutionized video search engine, delivering instant results without leaving context. For every search made, relevant results pop up on your screen in no time without having to navigate to another tab or search engine. vSearch redefines the site user experience & keeps users on your site for a longer time, increasing conversion rates.

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vSearch video search engine

Why vSearch?

Through our AI-Powered educational tool, our vision is to deliver a revolutionized video search engine that will help students experience a better video search experience online faster and more efficiently. To save effort and time spent in online video search by providing an easy way to create and share collections of videos. Narrowing the search scope to find relevant videos from the given video library becomes a tedious process at times. vSearch’s video search engine uses NLP to narrow down searches by presenting videos with the exact timestamp of the topic instantly! The revolutionary search technology flips the way text search works, by intelligently getting answers from existing video content.

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vSearch vs. other Search Engines

Powered by Unified AI - Sia™

vSearch is a unique service that uses unified AI-powered technology to instantly find relevant videos in the video library based on the search terms. The user just has to enter the required keywords, and vSearch can narrow down thousands of pre-recorded videos from the university database. Thanks to the unique technology behind it, any user can use this video search engine without knowing much about technology. With a single click, get a perfect video for your lectures.

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Video Searches Made Per Min


Lines Transcribed Per Sec


Guaranteed Server Uptime


Global Languages Supported

Seamless Integrations

vSearch is an adaptable video search engine that uses Unified AI-powered technology to instantly find the relevant videos from video hosting platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, etc. vSearch provides seamless integration services that allow organizations to automate business processes, and enhance the sharing and embedding of data between various applications and systems.

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Real-Time Analytics

To help you to understand your audience better, vSearch comes with an integrated Real-Time dashboard, making it easy for admins to dig into trends like what type of content your viewers interact with most, what are the most searched keywords, how long they watch, what they skip over, and you can get strategic about when and how you post future content and more all in real-time.

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Embrace vSearch to bring your Digital Content to Life!