Welcome to SpotSearch™ - The AI-Powered Site Search Solution for Universities

With state-of-the-art search algorithms we are on our way to revolutionizing the site search experience for universities.


SpotSearch is an AI-powered site search engine that helps you provide custom search results designed specifically for higher education institutions. Powered by Sia, SpotSearch makes it easier for potential students, and parents, to get the right answers by surfacing content in context at lightning speeds in more than 40 different languages.

SpotSearch™ is the World’s first AI-infused Contextual Search Engine creating an outbreak within the search industry.

SpotSearch delivers lightning-fast results on the spot while remaining in context with more than 40 different languages. All with one click hassle-free installation, download now and get SpotSearch free for one month.

Select and Search

With a First of its kind ‘Select and Search’ UI, SpotSearch delivers instant results on the spot within context, just by highlighting a word or sentence

Multi-Site Search

In addition to indexing your website, SpotSearch indexes micro-sites linked to your site, providing better results to decrease the bounce rate

Promoted Results

With Key Sense Technology, SpotSearch grasps the intent behind the search and helps to promote search results on your site 

AI-powered Dashboard

With dynamic AI-Powered real-time analytics, SpotSearch helps you understand site visitors’ behavior based on what they search for

Up & Running In Minutes!

Install on any website...Just register, copy the snippet and you are all set

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Welcome to SpotSearch!

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