Diagnose your SpotSearch installation

If you have not yet deployed the SpotSearch snippet on the site, please visit here and complete the setup process.
If you have installed the snippet on your site and if you are facing any issue, please follow these steps:
  • Domain check - Please make sure that you have deployed the snippet on the same domain for which it was registered, Ensure that the URL you provided during the registration matches the URL where you have SpotSearch running. For example, if you registered for the URL https://samplesite.com, then the snippet will work on https://samplesite.com as well as any sub-domains like https://admission.samplesite.com
  • JQuery Check -  SpotSearch requires JQuery to function, please ensure that your site has JQuery installed.  If you have any queries regarding Jquery installation, visit here or please contact our support team we would love to help you.
  • Your account is pending approval - To check if your account is pending for approval, log in to the SpotSearch dashboard, and if you are able to see the Welcome screen then your account is either approved or did not get flagged for approval.
  • If it is pending approval then it will be stated as such on the screen, if you see this, please wait for the approval to happen, and generally, it will be verified and approved within 4 hours.
If any of the above checks did not resolve the issue, then contact support and we will help you with the issue.

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