Site Search & its Importance

Introduction to Site Search:

Site search is a software functionality that allows users to accurately search the content of a given website at a faster rate. The tool is tailored to the individual website. It works exactly like a regular search engine, wherein it indexes the website constantly. It helps users locate relevant content or information amongst the vast amount of data.

Due to the time-saving and efficient capabilities, the search market is growing steadily. Research shows sites using in-site search are more likely to convert than those that don’t. This feature also turns out to be one of the best ways to collect information about a user’s needs. It is also one of the best ways to tailor the website specifically to those needs.

The Importance Of Site Search:

A strong site search can have a powerful impact on your website. Though the website caters to all the needs of its customers, it can be quite frustrating for the customers if not found at the right time. Therefore, site search helps by combining a great search experience with quick and relevant results, which leads to a positive and persistent interaction between the user and the website.

People tend to leave the website if they don’t find relevant results quickly or if they are directed to other search engines. Site search reduces this effect drastically by providing the right results at the right speed, reducing the bounce rate, and directly affecting the website’s conversion rate.

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, site search provides a seamless experience for the customer and a platform for the website owners to understand their customers, keeping both the customer and the website owner’s content.

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