Is your site search smart enough?

Site search functionality allows users to accurately search the content of a given website at a faster rate and is one of the most efficient tools that can positively impact your website experience. 

Not all site search tools can achieve this excellence.

So what is it that makes a site search technology smart enough?

Here are the key factors, 

Delivering intent-based search results: The tool must be smart enough to deliver results by grasping the intention behind the search queries rather than just the keyword-based search results.

Real-time Analytics: We all understand the power of analytics for any website or business as a whole. The tool must be able to provide real-time AI-powered analytics that helps to understand the customer.

Multilingual: The capability to deliver the results in multiple languages can bridge the barrier and ensure smooth flow.

On-the-spot search: Not letting users navigate away from the site and providing on-spot results will help in reducing the bounce rate drastically.

External search: Certain situations require external data in such cases the tool must be versed in navigating and getting the contextual information.

With the assistance of SpotSearch, the world’s first AI-powered search engine, you can provide an exceptional website search experience, understand customer behavior in detail, and deliver relevant results instantly in various languages. With its revolutionary select and search feature, the customer journey can be simplified further. Try it now and deliver a seamless site experience.

Site Search & its Importance

Site search is a software functionality that allows users to accurately search the content of a given website at a faster rate. The tool is tailored to the individual website. It works exactly like a regular search engine, wherein it indexes the website constantly and helps users locate relevant content or information amongst the vast amount of data.

Due to the time-saving and efficient capabilities, the search market is growing steadily. Research shows sites using in-site search are more likely to convert than those that don't. This feature also turns out to be one of the best ways to collect information about a user's needs and tailor the website specifically to those needs.

The importance of site search: 

Strong site search can have a powerful impact on your website. Though the website caters to all the needs of its customers, it can be quite frustrating for the customers if not found at the right time. Therefore, site search helps by combining a great search experience with quick and relevant results, which leads to a positive and persistent interaction between the user and the website.

People tend to leave the website if they don't find relevant results quickly or if they are directed to other search engines. Site search reduces this effect drastically by providing the right results at the right speed, reducing the bounce rate, and directly affecting the website's conversion rate.

In a nutshell, site search provides a seamless experience for the customer and a platform for the website owners to understand their customers, keeping both the customer and the website owner content.

SpotSearch is an in-site search engine that provides an exceptional enterprise search experience, helps you understand your customer behavior in detail, delivers relevant results instantly in various languages, and does not let users navigate to other sites in search of answers. Try it now and provide users with a seamless site experience.

spotsearch realtime

Data Is The New Oil

Just like ‘Oil’, raw data isn’t that valuable, rather, the value is created when the data is gathered completely and accurately, connected to other relevant data, and done so promptly. When properly refined, usable data quickly becomes a decision-making tool, allowing organizations to react to market forces and be proactive in their decision-making.

Similarly, for any website to increase traffic or rank high in the SERP, it needs the relevant data of its users visiting the website, this information/data will help optimize the website. 

To have such data, it costs deary & also, the data cannot be easily analyzed/understood as it’s completely in cluttered form.

SpotSearch with its Real-time dashboard provides analytical information of your website, which helps gain deeper insights into your queries. With such information, promoting specific keywords & search results based on your preference will be helpful for the better optimization of the website which later would be helpful for the better ranking of the website on the SERP. 

This Real-time processing of data helps in maintaining the track record of users & their behavior, which makes it easier for SpotSearch to provide relevant contextual information.


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spotsearch drupalcon

OneOrigin at DrupalCon 2019

OneOrigin is all set to showcase SpotSearch 2.0, at DrupalCon 2019, to be held in Seattle, WA between April 8 – 12.

SpotSearch is the World’s first A.I driven, contextual search engine, delivering results instantly, from your web. An innovation eliminating the need for the user to navigate away from the page and look further for definitions or appropriate results, delivering results on the spot while in context.

Visit us and learn how SpotSearch is redefining Enterprise Search!

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Introducing Directory Search

It’s difficult for us to remember or have the contact details of everyone we work with within the organization. During times of emergencies or last-minute calls, we tend to look for someone’s details or contact number online on the company website and could hardly find them on time.


SpotSearch’s Directory Search feature makes it easy for us to look for the contact number/details or any information instantly.

SpotSearch by OneOrigin is World’s first AI-infused Contextual Search Engine creating an outbreak within the search industry. It drives instant results on-the-spot, in-context at lightning speeds in more than 40 different languages.

SpotSearch’s Directory Search, through its AI mechanisms goes through every page, text, picture, etc to bring in the required information which is in context or relevant to our query in less than 5 seconds.

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Introducing Role-Based Suggestions

Being able to listen to the site visitors speak their minds in their own words is something more of a superpower. 

To understand the reason behind the visitor’s search & modify the content on the website accordingly is something we all wish for. It’s a tough task for any blogger or content marketer to understand the site visitor’s intent/behavior & provide content to them based on their interests.


SpotSearch‘s Role-based suggestions feature backed by Sia’s AI algorithm, has a unique ability to qualify the nature of the search through keyword intelligence which helps to understand the reason & intent behind the search, such that it delivers relevant & contextual results based on the user behavior & make personalized suggestions to the queries made by the user.

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Introducing In-Site/Document/External Search

When looking for some specific piece of information on a particular website, high chances are that we may not find it there on the website, prompting us to bounce off the website and go looking for it on one of the search engines.

Firstly, it’s difficult to get users to visit our site, if they bounce off, the whole notion of getting them to visit our site stands void. To decrease the bounce rate of the website, we need to provide users with every piece of information instantly.


OneOrigin seems to have found the solution for this problem by introducing us to the World’s First Unified-AI engine SpotSearch.

SpotSearch with its Insite/Document/External search feature aims at providing a unified, seamless user experience by going through the selected keyword across every page/document/site instantly when a search for a query is performed on a particular website. SpotSearch enables unified results for a specific search, retrieved through powerful Unified-Indexing can look into every possible site/page through a Multisite configuration. With SpotSearch and its built-in Unique Indexing system, users with specific roles can retrieve search results relevant to their role, even if the data is not publicly indexed / available.

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Introducing Promoted Search Results

Usually, there’s a lot of information on any given website. Site visitors look for a piece of specific information & bounce off the website without knowing that there is similar related information that would help them in more ways. 

Due to this situation, most of the blogs/content/information go unnoticed on the website. 

To bring the unnoticed content to the site visitor’s attention, we have to go through other third-party in-website advertising platforms that charge deary.


Promoted Search Results feature by SpotSearch helps in promoting one’s content on their website. Its integrated AI-infused contextual mechanism helps in recognizing the trends in the set of searched data & promote the personalized suggestions/results using powerful analytics to the users without having to rely on expensive in-website Ad platforms.

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